Sunday, 18 December 2011

Willy Wilkins

A birthday present for my colleague, made from baby socks, I like working with little socks :)  I do, however, have no idea why I thought earrings would be a good idea for him. 

Mrs P x

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Christmas cards 2011 :)

Merry Christmas everyone x

Here is a selection of my cards made for this year.

These are so fast yet

Simply made with
holly dies
I love my reindeer
and sleigh dies
I didnt send this one as
it was too pretty

Cross Stitch Santa x
This one is a stunning
decoupage kit

Mrs P xxxxxxxx


Sorry its Been a while, I have made so many things lately but most are Christmas presents, I will post pictures when it's safe. For now though, here is a simply made quick card, with a stamp, and some sparkly glue stuff :)

I'm not sure why the picture is a bit dodgy, the words say "Rocking Around The Christmas Tree"

Mrs P xxx

Sunday, 25 September 2011

My latest work

Ok, freely admit, I am not that good at blogging, its one of those "I will do that later" things that I seldom seem to get time to do, so end up writing a big one with lots of pictures to catch up, talking of which...........he he, made a few bits and bobs the last few weeks since July, its been harder as I am working again now so don't have as much down time as I had before: 

 My Sisters new home card and keyring, this got a little lost in the mail but did eventually turn up :)
Birthday card for Kathryn :)                                                                                                                            
Happy 2nd Birthday 
in Heaven little Ollie x 

Happy 10th Birthday 
Angel William xx                    

My Sister's new home card v2, to replace the missing one, she got two, nemind :P 

                                                                                  For Helen, well


Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Beegee Bunny

This is Beegee, our newest arrival, created yesterday, 26th July 2011, and completed today, made from two baby socks from George by asda (new), I especially like the way his tail turned out, quite cute indeed. 


Another make for my sister, he is made from Little Joe's Sockles :) xxx

Sock It To me

More Babysock monkeys, the one on the end is somewhat perturbed!!

More Socks Talk- Bubbles The Kitten

My Name Is Bubbles

I have a squiggly tail

This is Bubbles, one of my sisters Birthday presents this year, quite simple to make from one trainer sock, an old skirt belt, and the usually trimmings such as ribbon, bell and eyes, turned out really well :D

Memorial Pebbles

These are memorial pebbles for Little Joe's friend Finley's 2nd Birthday

This one is for Joe

Also for Joe's garden

Friday, 8 July 2011

Lets talk about socks

Well, I have made quite a few sock creatures of late, ranging guinea pigs, to ickle baby fish made from Joe's socks, as well as baby sock monkeys made from baby socks, here they are below: 
Made from new baby socks

Also made from Joe's socks
Stripy is made from Joes baby socks
 he is special
hugs :)

One of these has gone to Ireland to
Joes friend Oja, also in heaven x

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


I was going to say that I wasnt doing too bad at keeping you up to date with my bits and pieces lately, however, I have just found this post in the "drafts" section, which would explain my silence, sorries :P

I am currently between jobs and therefore not quite so tired out of an evening after the days activities have wound down.

Before I left my job, I started playing with some kits in an evening of stressedoutness, and here are the results :)

Home Made Decopauge

For this one, I used a picture of a cow and printed it several times, printed it onto card and then built it up in the usual way, turned out quite cute. I have a long flower punch which also looked quite funky along the edge. Again, I have used the sparkly glitter glue for added prettyness.

Wedding Renewal Card

I made this card for a friend who was renewing her wedding vows, the Oak tree is a stamp, and I used some sparkly glue to create the effect of light and the magic on the trunk as well as on the punched hearts which are representative of her family, with mummy and daddy being at the top of the tree. I was quite pleased at how well it turned out. 

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Craft fayre of wonderment

In April, I went to a craft fayre and met with my lovely friend from Carlisas crafts, Dorset. We had a great day and I was quite well behaved actually with what I bought, henceforth, photographic evidence, oh by the way, the furry guy is Maurice, from Canada :) 
Canadian Maurice
This is just half of it

My New Stamp
My Haul, I was good

Oh dear got some catching up to do

Tadaaaa :)

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

My Cool Birthday Presents :) yay

Hey!!! I had some awesome stuff for my birthday, look.......will keep me busy for a while, and of course I will post pictures of my finished creations, not done a lot on the creativity side of things lately, well not that I can post this side of mothers day anyway, plus I've done a wedding card too, again, cant show it until after the weekend, but next Monday maybe :)

Yes, I know, I can't crochet, well not yet, but once I leave my job, I will maybe go to a local craft club and e shown how to do it :)

 I'm really looking forward to making my bag :) fun, and I get to use the sewing machine for something other than taking up my trousers because I am vertically challenged :)

I really want to make the dude on the right, he is so cool lol. 

be good

Mrs P xxxx ^j^