Tuesday, 29 March 2011

My Cool Birthday Presents :) yay

Hey!!! I had some awesome stuff for my birthday, look.......will keep me busy for a while, and of course I will post pictures of my finished creations, not done a lot on the creativity side of things lately, well not that I can post this side of mothers day anyway, plus I've done a wedding card too, again, cant show it until after the weekend, but next Monday maybe :)

Yes, I know, I can't crochet, well not yet, but once I leave my job, I will maybe go to a local craft club and e shown how to do it :)

 I'm really looking forward to making my bag :) fun, and I get to use the sewing machine for something other than taking up my trousers because I am vertically challenged :)

I really want to make the dude on the right, he is so cool lol. 

be good

Mrs P xxxx ^j^