Thursday, 6 September 2012

Dear World, 

I loves the buttons. Send me buttons please.

The end

Mrs P x middle name is buttons x

Kath Kidston Bag

Finally I got around to making my Kath Kidston handbag.... I cant find that I have posted a picture of it before.... I made it from the book.


This is Totoro, from the Studio Ghibli animation movies, well worth a watch "my neighbour totoro", he was a demand, request from my sister to make for her....

So I made him from felt

Sock Snakes

Sock Snakes, great fun to make, about an hour each with the sewing machine, you can make two with one knee high sock, I especially like the eyes on this one, hahaahha

One tip I have learned quite early on is to not waste money on expensive stuffing for these soft toys, I have been buying cheap pillows as the stuffing is safe, and then making a sacrifice for a worthy cause :)

Welcome, Tilly

Gosh, I have come a long way since my first attempt at a baby sampler, I think the trick is, to keep it simple. I recycled an old frame and added some butterflies and stars I cut with the die cutting machine, turned out quite well, Tilly's Mummy likes it :)


A birthday cake for my best friend, cant really say oldest friend because technically, i am older :s we have always had a cow theme, since we were in our teens :) chocolate cake underneath the icing, it was enjoyed ;)

Fathers Day

Fathers day card for a very special Daddy xx

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to beautiful angel Jason, 3 years born into heaven xx

Get well soon

I made this for my cousin, I am pretty sure that it has helped immensely in her recovery :)

I also made a felt owl, no pattern, just imagination......Ive just found a load of posts in drafts, so there will suddenly be a bulk lot, no wonder I have been quiet eh....

A bit of a catch up

Hey, So it would appear that a load of my work is missing from my blog, so I will do all I can by adding the ones I think have been missing, I will start with Christmas presents 11..

 Kerrys Owl Cushion, not done from a pattern, from completely my imagination.....