Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Beegee Bunny

This is Beegee, our newest arrival, created yesterday, 26th July 2011, and completed today, made from two baby socks from George by asda (new), I especially like the way his tail turned out, quite cute indeed. 


Another make for my sister, he is made from Little Joe's Sockles :) xxx

Sock It To me

More Babysock monkeys, the one on the end is somewhat perturbed!!

More Socks Talk- Bubbles The Kitten

My Name Is Bubbles

I have a squiggly tail

This is Bubbles, one of my sisters Birthday presents this year, quite simple to make from one trainer sock, an old skirt belt, and the usually trimmings such as ribbon, bell and eyes, turned out really well :D

Memorial Pebbles

These are memorial pebbles for Little Joe's friend Finley's 2nd Birthday

This one is for Joe

Also for Joe's garden