Saturday, 15 September 2012

Sock Zebra...

I made this little dude for my friends daughter in Canada, a true Zebra fanatic

White socks with black felt for the stripes, I added sparkly rhinestones to add a bit extra on his eyes...

Be good

Mrs P xxx


Well Hey, 

This, is Fudge, he is a "Build A Bear" puppy, I fell in love with him in Bath a few months ago, so invested in buying him, he was £11. I refuse to pay £15 per blinking outfit though, so me being me thought, hmm, what can I do?.....firstly I hit eBay, and bought a cheap outfit, some shoes and some kids sunglasses, cost about £8, and gave me a good basis on size etc. for clothes to make, which is pictured at the end, but I also made him some jeans, a Jean jacket, which I used my rhinestone setter to make a sparkly star on the back, I also made a cap, a "oh Canada" t shirt, as we were just about to go there at this point and as he was coming with us for photo opportunities, I thought this an awesome tribute to my friends :). I also made a neckerchief :), so cute, as you can see....

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Dear World, 

I loves the buttons. Send me buttons please.

The end

Mrs P x middle name is buttons x

Kath Kidston Bag

Finally I got around to making my Kath Kidston handbag.... I cant find that I have posted a picture of it before.... I made it from the book.


This is Totoro, from the Studio Ghibli animation movies, well worth a watch "my neighbour totoro", he was a demand, request from my sister to make for her....

So I made him from felt

Sock Snakes

Sock Snakes, great fun to make, about an hour each with the sewing machine, you can make two with one knee high sock, I especially like the eyes on this one, hahaahha

One tip I have learned quite early on is to not waste money on expensive stuffing for these soft toys, I have been buying cheap pillows as the stuffing is safe, and then making a sacrifice for a worthy cause :)

Welcome, Tilly

Gosh, I have come a long way since my first attempt at a baby sampler, I think the trick is, to keep it simple. I recycled an old frame and added some butterflies and stars I cut with the die cutting machine, turned out quite well, Tilly's Mummy likes it :)


A birthday cake for my best friend, cant really say oldest friend because technically, i am older :s we have always had a cow theme, since we were in our teens :) chocolate cake underneath the icing, it was enjoyed ;)

Fathers Day

Fathers day card for a very special Daddy xx

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to beautiful angel Jason, 3 years born into heaven xx

Get well soon

I made this for my cousin, I am pretty sure that it has helped immensely in her recovery :)

I also made a felt owl, no pattern, just imagination......Ive just found a load of posts in drafts, so there will suddenly be a bulk lot, no wonder I have been quiet eh....

A bit of a catch up

Hey, So it would appear that a load of my work is missing from my blog, so I will do all I can by adding the ones I think have been missing, I will start with Christmas presents 11..

 Kerrys Owl Cushion, not done from a pattern, from completely my imagination.....

Saturday, 12 May 2012

To Have and To Hold ♥

As our funds are quite limited at the moment and the Bride and Groom requested no presents as they have everything they need, I wanted to do something for a close friends wedding, so I took a load of candid photographs throughout the day. Using a range of techniques and tools I have here to minimise the cost, and maximise the effect of a scrapbook.

I am quite pleased with the way it turned out. I also love my new alphabet die cutter, this font is lovely :)

Mrs P xx

Monday, 7 May 2012

Rainy Caravan Creations


I was very creative when we went to Cornwall, mainly, on account of the weather, if I'm honest, oh and the fact that the on site entertainment wasn't on yet, OR the arcade!!! what!!! holiday with no 2p sliding machines, disaster!!! but despite that, we had a lovely time, and I created all of these in the space of 6 days!!!! not that much of a mean feat as they only take me an hour or so each one :) let me know what you think :) oh and they are from a book by the way, except for the parrot, that was done from my head, funnily enough being inspired by having a rainbow lorakeet on my head earlier that day.

Mrs P xx
Red Riding Hood

Toadstool Girl
Sleepy Fox
Little Lion
Little Ram
Pensive Rabbit


Saturday, 14 April 2012

More Socks Talk

Hi, For some random reason, this post was sitting in drafts for the best part of 10 months, sorry about that :S here it is anyway, enjoy....

Here I am, more sock creatures :) this time a cat called Bubbles for my sisters birthday, and more baby monkeys, a couple of them it would seem have an attitude problem :)
Kerry's kitten, Bubbles

Pack of naughty Monkeys
What Attitude??!!
My Mother in Laws monkey present

Sock Dragon

Hello peoples, 

This is my first Sock Dragon, I am quite proud of him, made with "toe socks", turned out really really well, he is actually for sale as I am fundraising for my holibobs, if you are interested in buying him, I am looking for £10 plus postage, please let me know, or I can commission one for you, of pretty much anything you would like.  Love and Best Wishes, Mrs P xxx


Happy Easter!!!

I made these for my sister, from material she gave me, the patterns were from the Kath Kidston book I have, boiled egg warmers, they have felt on the inside, an evenings work, although the picture isnt the best, they are both the same size. well, ish :), they were well received, maybe because they had kinder eggs in them :)

Mrs P xx

Latest Sock Monkey

One of my latest  sock monkeys, sold to a friend to help fund my holibobs :) yay, it was fun, I am, however, running out of socks :D yay. 

Butterfly Card

I had some splendiforous dies for my birthday, yes I know, "dies" is a horrible word, but its what the cutter thingies are called in the craft world, I had lots of butterfly ones, one of which I have used as above, along with the wiggly cutter, which has worked out quite well, and the flower punch and some stick on gems, oh and a stamp. It was well received :) quite quick to make this one too. 

Mrs P xx


I love this one, the lovely winged heart die always comes out really well, here I have used the same silver paper from the Christmas hats, I know random, but I like it, on pre printed paper, I've cut it with the guillotine, my plain blade is blunt, and to my delight, i discovered a wiggly one in the storage bit underneath, so have been playing with that, nice effect don't you think :). Its another easel card, yes Im enjoying the effect of them, its a diagonal fold though with little gems glued into place to catch the front in place. 
It was made for a special friend, as myself who has suffered baby loss, it was to commemorate an "angelversary", while including all of her angels, with a punched butterfly each x

Mothers Day

Simple but effective Decoupage for mothers day, again from the cd rom :)