Saturday, 15 September 2012


Well Hey, 

This, is Fudge, he is a "Build A Bear" puppy, I fell in love with him in Bath a few months ago, so invested in buying him, he was £11. I refuse to pay £15 per blinking outfit though, so me being me thought, hmm, what can I do?.....firstly I hit eBay, and bought a cheap outfit, some shoes and some kids sunglasses, cost about £8, and gave me a good basis on size etc. for clothes to make, which is pictured at the end, but I also made him some jeans, a Jean jacket, which I used my rhinestone setter to make a sparkly star on the back, I also made a cap, a "oh Canada" t shirt, as we were just about to go there at this point and as he was coming with us for photo opportunities, I thought this an awesome tribute to my friends :). I also made a neckerchief :), so cute, as you can see....

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