Monday, 21 January 2013

Polar Bear

Hi, me again, talking to myself, but nevermind eh.
So Friday, woke at 4am, like an excited child and looked out of the window, as it was forecast to dump a load of snow overnight, there was nothing :(.
Got up around 7am as usual to get ready to work, we had about 4 inches of snow, I was annoyed at first because im temping, so wouldn't get paid, even if I couldnt get into work through no fault of my own, but as I am at a facility attached to a school, which was closed, I had to stay home.
On watching the TV (eventually, after Sky came back on), I was reminded of the coca-cola polar bears, and was suddenly inspired to go out and play in the snow, so to my cat's dismay, I wrapped up warm, put my husbands coat on (didnt want to get mine wet you see...), and got to work on my polar bear.
I am pleased at how it turned out, it was a bit of a risky challenge, as the aforementioned cat above, has left various calling cards in the garden, but I managed to dodge them and end up with white snow.
It was made in the afternoon, when a lot of the snow had already melted away, but three days later it is still there, solid. Only he dropped the bottle on saturday night ;)
I posted this picture on the coca-cola facebook page, not had much response though, oh well, at least I am proud, and it made me happy to make it :)

Stay safe and warm out there.
Mrs P x

Fudge, a pup in Bear's clothing

So I have been playing again, it was a bit of a snowy one this weekend, and I was inspired by the cold to actually get on and make the idea in my head for Fudge, a onesie.
I had settled on the idea of making him into a black bear, so I bought a cheapo black fleece scarf for £1, and used that, minimum cost, however, I did sew it all by hand, so it did take about 4 hours to complete, but it was fun, and I am delighted by end result :) I am thinking about adding a pocket to put a mini teddy bear in :), Im sure I have one somewhere from a cracker or something.
Fudge does indeed look happy with his outfit, I esepcially Like his little paw pads :)
Much love
Mrs P x