Monday, 21 January 2013

Fudge, a pup in Bear's clothing

So I have been playing again, it was a bit of a snowy one this weekend, and I was inspired by the cold to actually get on and make the idea in my head for Fudge, a onesie.
I had settled on the idea of making him into a black bear, so I bought a cheapo black fleece scarf for £1, and used that, minimum cost, however, I did sew it all by hand, so it did take about 4 hours to complete, but it was fun, and I am delighted by end result :) I am thinking about adding a pocket to put a mini teddy bear in :), Im sure I have one somewhere from a cracker or something.
Fudge does indeed look happy with his outfit, I esepcially Like his little paw pads :)
Much love
Mrs P x

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