Thursday, 10 January 2013



I have dabbled with candle making before, but it is a bit hit and miss to start with, I do think that I have cracked it :)

These were made with recycled wax, from candles that wouldn't burn, the striped star was made with a mould from a kit, I achieved the stripes by building it up layer by layer.

The different colours are made with dye from a candle kit, I also discovered that using wax crayons also has the same effect.

The little stars and dolphin are made with ice cube trays, pierced a hole through for the wick to sit, and sealed the hole with blue tack. The larger star was a proper wax mould.

The final candle, is a baby food jar, and while the wax was cooling, i dropped in some wax chunks, they look like marshmallows :)

I was pleased with how they turned out ;) They even smell pretty, thanks to the undead candles that I smashed up to melt down ;)

Much love

Mrs P xx

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