Thursday, 10 January 2013


Hi World/ Fan.

I have no chance of photographing everything I made at Christmas, I would be here all day! but I did make a lot of things to save the pennies, also certain people appreciate a hand made gift, and are fans of my work :)

These two cards are made from stamps, coloured in by using promarkers, and finished off with stickles glitter, goes on wet, but dries hard and sparkly, really really nice finish, these once made, should not be shown to anyone, I found that out to my cost/ gain, having sold around 100 to friends and family. Not so sure whether I will be making cards for 2013,
I have no idea why my pictures are showing up a little blurred. I am unfortunately without laptop at the moment so having to rely upon my i pad, or mobile phone to upload to my blog.

This one is actually a cross stitch I made last year, with sparkly thread, which although is a pain to work with, it did give a really festive effect, I framed it with gold stickles glue, and mounted it on gold card. I loved it so much I didnt want to send it out in 2011, so kept hold of it for a year ;)


I was helping a friend for inspiration on her cross stitch cards, and came up with this very silly idea, but it turned out to be quite funny ;) Shame I had to send it to my sister though, Maybe I will make myself one and frame it for Christmas 2013.

I vow to do more craft things this year, whether for myself, or to sell, doesnt really matter, it is all about having something to show for my time, and more importantly, having a THING, something that I can do that others struggle with, ok so I might not do it that well, or as perfectly as professionals but my stuff, makes me proud ;)

Oh well, lunchtime is over, have only managed to sort out one post, until later then for the rest.

Much love

Mrs P xx

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