Sunday, 22 June 2014


Naked Gromit, he is made of plastic

So here is my latest project, as part of the "Gromit Unleashed" campaign to raise money for Bristol Children's Hospital, I bought a "paint your own" Gromit and have been working on him over the last few days. 

I wanted him to reflect my personality, with a few of my favorite things on him. OK I know that the artwork is a little dodgy in places, but I have had fun so far. I have actually ran out of ideas, but I may still add to it before varnishing within the next few days. 

More cheese Gromit!

Forget-me-nots on his right leg, and you can just about see a camera around his neck. 
So Far so good, he has a tortoiseshell butterfly on his left shoulder, just like me. 
A Sloth, A lego lady and Union Jack with Canadian Flag
Music, a Red Phonebox, and Pheobe and Lillie. I think I have room to also add Roo, Geefer and the Fish. All I need to do then is to varnish him and he is done. 

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